Maintenance of garden is practiced from the individual level to upto the level of a multinational corporation. It is very diverse in its activities includes plants for i.e. flowers, trees and shrubs.

Scope of Gardening Service is as under:
» Daily cleaning of Lawn.
» Pruning of shrubs, bushes and trees.
» Clearing storm / monsoon damage.
» Maintenance of lawns, flowerbeds, shrubbery, trees and greenery around the building & all indoor and outdoor plants (potted or otherwise) etc.
» The lawns, plants, trees and potted plants shall be watered to provide water penetration.
» Rich soil shall be applied evenly over sunken garden lawns and around the roots of the plants.
» Fertilizing and liming to be performed in a manner that promotes proper health of plants.
» Disposal of debris in an environmentally acceptable manner.
» Weeding including elimination of grass and weeds from cracks and joints within / outside building, sidewalks and curbs. Mowing of lawns & disposal of grass thereafter.